• Recognizing the Role of Chaplaincy in Health Care: A Member’s Perspective in a Pandemic






    Recognizing the Role of Chaplaincy in Healthcare : Perspectives on the COVID-19 Pandemic
    By Olamma Otisi (Associate CASC/ACSS Member in Oakville (Ontario South West region) 

    I had just finished a phone conversation with a client whose mother passed because of COVID-19. Her deepest pain was that her mother died alone in a distant country. Glancing at the number of calls on hold, which had increased to twenty-four, I allowed only two minutes of wrap up time and picked my next call.

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  • President’s July Video Message Now Available

    President Philip Crowell’s July Video Message is now available on the Members Only side of the website. Click here to view

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  • Never Too Early To Plan Ahead

    Its never too early to plan ahead!  Preliminary information about our National Conference in 2022 is now on the CASC/ACSS web site.  Click here to check out the 11 pages of information. 

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  • Celebrating Our Members

    Alida van Dijk was recently the subject of an article on the Christian Reform Church’s website. It describes her work in the Community Counselling Centre in London, Ont., as well as her doctoral research. Here are some excepts from the article.

    Recently granted the Award of Excellence in Spiritual Care and Psycho-Spiritual Therapy and Education from the Canadian Association for Spiritual Care, van Dijk is a trained therapist who has been involved in the CRCNA for many years.

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  • AGM Videos and PowerPoints Now Available on Members Only Front page.

    Videos and PowerPoints from the AGM- Part 1, June 15 and Part 2, June 17, 2021 are now available on the landing page of the Members Only section. Also available are the video and PowerPoint from the Foundation’s AGM June 17, 2021. Click here to view Foundation AGM.

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