• CASC/ACSS Member John Carr Honoured in Special Edition of Journal of Pastoral Care and Counseling

    John C. Carr, a long time CASC/ACSS member based primarily in Edmonton has been honoured by having a special edition of the JPC&C dedicated to him. John has had decades of close connection with the Journal, and worked to advance the field of research and spiritual care in Canada, USA, India and New  Zealand throughout his long career.  We congratulate John on his life time of contributions to our profession and wish him the best in retirement. Editor-in-Chief of the JPC&C, Terry R. Bard  offers words of commendation to John below.

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  • CASC/ACSS Member Ciaran McKenna Shares Poetry

    Atonement, Not Yet

    Naked in body, mind and soul

    we gathered,



    hopeful for new life,

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  • CASC/ACSS Member Robert Mundle Publishes Book for Hospice and Palliative Care Volunteers

    Robert Mundle, a Certified Spiritual Health Practitioner at Providence Care Hospital in Kingston, has written a new book: How to Be an Even Better Listener: A Practical Guide for Hospice and Palliative Care Volunteers (London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers). The book articulates a spirituality of listening, and features original qualitative research, case vignettes, reflective exercises, and practical strategies to help enhance the listening skills of hospice and palliative care volunteers, and all involved in providing quality patient-centered care.
    For CASC/ACSS Members Robert’s book offers a way to write about spiritual care for non-specialists, and an encouragement to write-up more of their own case studies and research for publication.

    For more details about the book, how to order, and to read the Introduction, please follow this link

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  • In Regards to the Events of Saturday, October 27, 2018

    In regards to the events of Saturday, October 27, 2018

    As associations committed to the spiritual care of people of all faiths and those who have none, we unequivocally denounce the anti-Semitism that fueled the hateful murders of eleven people last Saturday. We honor the sacred spaces and the gift of Shabbat and are horrified by the events at Tree of Life Synagogue. We represent over 10,000 spiritual care givers who are often the first responders when victims and their families come to hospitals, who stay in those hospitals with physicians and staff, who receive them in clinical settings for on-going post-traumatic care, caring for all of the members of our communities well past the moment of crisis. We ask that our political and faith leaders stand with us in rejecting this heinous act and work with us to be about “tikkun olam,” the Hebrew expression for the work of healing the world.

    Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, Association of Professional Chaplains, Canadian Association for Spiritual Care/Association Canadienne de soins spirituels, National Association of Catholic Chaplains, Neshama: Association of Jewish Chaplains

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  • CASC/ACSS Member Kristine Lund Runs Dog Support Program for Students

    “Going to the dogs” has a whole new meaning for participants in Kristine Lund’s weekly dog support program at Martin Luther College University (MLUC).  Kris, who is a professor and director of spiritual care and psychotherapy programs at MLUC, began the program in 2014 to help students cope with exam stress. Visit Laurier website for more information

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