The December Edition of the Journal of Pastoral Care and Counseling is now Available.

JPC&C Volume 72 Number Four December 2018


Guest Editorial

Fully Alive     pg. 229
Howard K Koh


To Understand and Support Contemporary Veterans Utilizing Biblical Combat Veteran Types     pg. 232
Jan Grimell

Contemporary Insights from Biblical Combat Veterans through the Lenses of Moral Injury
and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder      pg. 241
Jan Grimell

Ministry to Transgender Teenagers (Part Two): Providing Pastoral Care, Support,
and Advocacy to Trans Youth     pg. 251
Arthur David Canales

Spiritual Counseling Program For Single Women In Late-Life Heterosexual Romantic
Relationships Across Cultures     pg. 257
Samta P. Pandya

Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Spirit Possession and Deliverance Ministries      pg. 269
Marta Illueca


Frantz       pg. 278
Florence Gelo

Personal Reflections

Fast Food Sacrament      pg. 280
Haydn J. McLean

Meeting Jesus      pg. 282
Joe Baroody


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