Spiritual Health Facilitator- Chilliwack

We strive to create an environment where you enjoy the work you do, the place where you work, and the people around you. From the financial advisor managing our health care resources, to the IT professional enabling life-saving data, to the nurse and physician on the front line of patient care, everyone plays a role in the care continuum. Together, we create great workplaces.

 Position Highlights

Make a positive difference in the lives of others as you facilitate the provision of comprehensive spiritual health services to residents, families and health care staff within the Fraser Health Residential Care facilities in a manner that is appropriate to belief systems and cultural diversity.

Embracing all faiths, spiritual belief systems and cultural diversity, spiritual health services provided will focus on identifying and meeting the individual’s spiritual needs and supporting community spiritual/faith based relationships.

To apply for position 1080451 go to www.careers.fraserhealth.ca.

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