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The Spiritual Care Coordinator ensures that residents and their support people have access to spiritual care that is meaningful, relevant, competent and that supports them to address issues that are causing them distress and/or suffering, and to provide comfort.

They demonstrate the values of Comfort, Respect, Dignity and Safety in their work with a particular emphasis on educating staff and volunteers to recognize the unique role that spiritual care can play in optimizing quality of life for those with a life-limiting illness.


The Spiritual Care Coordinator provides spiritual care under the auspices of the Grey Bruce Spiritual Care Council which holds a contract with the Residential Hospice of Grey and Bruce/Chapman House.  They report to the Executive Director of RHGB as well as to the Spiritual Care Manager (associated with the GBSCC).


15 hours per week (.4 fte), flexible to meet the needs and activities of the position. Hours are spread over three days per week which includes one evening to best meet the needs of residents and others.


The Spiritual Care Provider will ensure:

  1. Provision of Spiritual Care (70%)

Main Activities:

  • Assess spiritual care needs and develop a spiritual care plan in accordance with resident goals and faith tradition;
  • Provide range of spiritual care interventions within the model of care;
  • Make connections to local spiritual resources including community clergy and other faith leaders and mentors;
  • Refer to others when needs are identified that are beyond the scope or competency of the Spiritual Care Provider;
  • Collaborate with nurses, PSW, physicians, and others on the healthcare team to provide whole-person centred care;
  • Support the Telephone Bereavement Support Program, Bereavement Café and Quarterly Memorial Service
  1. Community Partnerships: (5%)

Main Activities:

  • Attend the local Ministerial Association meetings (and other similar networks) at least three (3) times per year to provide a perspective from residential hospice and to identify needs of the faith communities in their capacity to respond to death, dying and bereavement;
  • Provide orientation to Chapman House to community clergy and other faith leaders to enable them to provide care to their congregants while CH residents;
  • Attend monthly Supervision meetings with other Spiritual Care Providers who report to GBSCC.

    3. Documentation: (10%)

Main Activities:

  • Document initial assessment and spiritual care plan in InfoAnywhere;
  • Document in InfoAnywhere ‘Case Notes” to record each visit or resident-related intervention including consent;
  • Invoice the GBSCC monthly for services and provide statistics as required by GBSCC and RHGB;
  • Provide an annual report to the RHGB and GBSCC;
  • Provide additional reports/vignettes for publication of annual newsletter
  1. Program Development and Evaluation: (5%)

Main Activities:

  • Identify gaps in services related to the spiritual care needs of residents, families, volunteers and staff, and proactively work with others to find creative ways to meet those needs;
  • Work with others to evaluate and improve the Spiritual Care Program.
  1. Member of CH Interdisciplinary Team: (10%)

Main Activities:

  • Provide spiritual support to staff and volunteers to address spiritual distress and needs arising from their roles as caregivers within RHGB;
  • Work collaboratively with staff and volunteers and Coordination Team to promote morale and provision of exemplary resident and family care;
  • Attend staff meetings and participate in Chapman House activities such as “Hike for Hospice,” and other awareness-raising events;
  • Provide education to other members of the interdisciplinary team and volunteers about the role and profession of spiritual care;
  • Act in accordance with the RHGB code of conduct;
  • Sign annually and comply with the RHGB confidentiality agreement including the confidential utilization of Info/Anywhere or other designated database and/or electronic health record;
  • Complete required legislated mandatory training or if already completed, provide annual confirmation of completion;

     6. Participate in other residential-hospice related activities as requested;


According to Canadian Association for Spiritual Care (CASC)

  1. Spiritual Assessment and Care
  2. Self-Awareness
  3. Spiritual and Personal Development
  4. Multi-dimensional Communication
  5. Documentation and Charting
  6. Brokering Diversity
  7. Ethical Behaviour
  8. Collaboration and Partnerships
  9. Leadership
  10. Research
  11. Patient/Client-Family Centred Approach
  12. Conflict Management/Resolution
  13. Team functioning


Masters of Divinity or equivalent

Certified Spiritual Care Practitioner (or in preparation to be certified), or equivalent

Demonstrated experience in palliative and end of life care including patients/clients and their families

Participation in a recognized faith tradition/spiritual practice

Demonstrated ability to work effectively as a member of an inter-disciplinary team.


 To Apply: Qualified applicants should submit a resume and covering letter to:

Rev. Joan Silcox-Smith                                    and      Rev. Jan Temple-Jones

Manager for Spiritual Care                                         Incoming Manager for Spiritual Care

Grey Bruce Health Services and Grey Bruce Spiritual Care Council

jssmith@gbhs.on.ca                                                   jtemplejones@gbhs.on.ca

519-376-2121 ext. 2861

Closing date:  May 18, 2022

NOTE: if you are interested in full-time work please apply also for the other part-time position of Spiritual Care Provider at Grey Bruce Health Services – Owen Sound site also posted.


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