Rev. Dr. Harold James King

It is with deep sadness we acknowledge the death of Harold King, who helped to shape the spiritual care profession in Canada. One of the pioneers of our Association, he was a tireless supporter of CASC/ACSS for more than 40 years.

Harold was the 12th President of CASC/ACSS when it was still called CAPE (1977) as well as the Treasurer of CAPPE from 2006 to 2011. He was also the Treasurer of the Canadian Foundation For Spiritual Care from 2005 to 2009 and he and his wife Doreen generously supported its fundraising initiatives. He was always proud of the fact he had not missed an annual conference for over 40 years—since he began attending them in the late 1960s. Only his declining health in later years forced him to miss his annual conference trip. One of the traditions started by Harold, was during the conference banquet when, with a glint of mischief in his twinkling eyes, he would announce that it was a certain person’s birthday, and then proceed to lead the assembly in a rousing chorus of Happy Birthday for the surprised and bewildered victim, whose birthday was certainly not on that day!

Always known for his unique blend of articulate intelligence, wit and humour, Harold invariably raised the level of conversation in any room he entered. With his quick and incisive observations, and an irrepressible sense of playfulness never far below the surface, exchanges with Harold were always educational and entertaining. A true gentleman and a scholar, with amazing recall and memory, he could regale his listeners with stories and exploits from his past. Harold was one of CASC/ACSS’s few remaining “story keepers;” a pioneer from our formative years who played an influential role in the growth and development of our Association over five decades. He left a lasting impression on all who knew him and will be greatly mourned and missed.

Some years ago, Harold and Doreen made a significant contribution to the Canadian Foundation for Spiritual Care. The Harold and Doreen King Education Fund was established. It has helped many students preparing for careers in spiritual care and psycho-spiritual therapy and will continue to help others. Contributions to the Harold and Doreen King Education Fund can be made through the CASC/ACSS Foundation.

Harold’s name has been added to the CASC/ACSS Book of Remembrance found in the Members Only section: Click on the “Living Human Memories” tab, fifth from the bottom on the left hand side bar.

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