Inter-Professional Spiritual Care Engagement Tool

Welcome to the Niagara Health System’s Inter-Professional Spiritual Care Engagement Tool (SCET). Providing some background and context, please avail yourself of this Introduction to SCET.

You are welcome to download and print out a copy of the Tool itself: Spiritual Assessment-Engagement Tool

Educational Package

In order to ‘listen to’ and view, follow these steps:

  1. Left-click on the link for the Module you want;
  2. Download the Module by left-clicking on the “Download” tab at the top right of the page;
  3. Once the Download is complete (and this may take some time because they are large files!), left-click on “Slide Show” on the top toolbar;
  4. Left-click on “View from the beginning” at the far left;
  5. Make sure your speakers or headphones are ‘on’; and
  6. Sit back to watch and listen.

Description of Scope of Practice

The Scope of Practice of Spiritual Care alongside/within Inter-Professional Care is described here: Scope of Practice