Poems inspired by Conference Key note- I was born singing- When you crossed over

I was born singing.

I was born singing.

During womb rest and growth

you gifted me with song

stories of past moon’s

and tomorrow’s suns

with streams and hunts,

prayers and smudgings

and sacred sage and tobacco came to me

in my mother’s blood

so at birth

I already knew my story.

Ciarán Mckenna © April 26th 2018

Inspired by Gilbert Kewistep’s story of how his son sung to his child while still in mother’s womb.



When you crossed over.

My anchor, my rock

my roots, my truth

Grandmother, Grandmother,

I call from my

As I was forbidden to be present at your

crossing over,

unable to pack gifts for your journey.

Salt tears were all I could give

until I cross over

and we embrace,

all I still have is my thanks for you,

my salt tears and

my love for you.

Ciarán Mc Kenna © April 26th 2017

Inspired by Gilbert Kewistep’s moving telling of how he and his sister could not leave the residential school when their Grandmother died.

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