New Poem from Ciaran McKenna

CACS/ACSS Member Ciaran McKenna has shared a poem, “In the Presence of Mystery”, on the “Exploring Spiritual Landscapes through Art” page in the Members Only area. 



In the presence of mystery

Standing among snow dappled giants
I knew I was in the presence of mystery,
and I needed not mastery to embrace her,
no, simplicity, innocence, openness, and grace
for her blessings to unfold,
breath on breath,
step on step,
gently, lovingly, leaning into her truth,
my truth, our truth.
Our truth of returning home,
home to earth,
home to hearth,
home to self and the good other before me,
and seeing, as if for the first time
she has always been here,
waiting, anticipating, my, our return
to her presence of mystery,
to her beautiful, complicated simplicity.

©Ciaran Mc Kenna Jan 3rd 2021. Inspired by a walk and talk with Janet Frood in Weldon Park on a beautiful winters morning

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