New issue of Journal of Pastoral Care & Counseling now available

The latest issue of the Journal of Pastoral Care & Counseling is now available.  Here is the table of contents.  Go to the Members Only portal to access the full articles. 

Volume 71, Issue 4, December 2017

Editorial: Cultural Resilience (Terry Bard)

Brief Communication

Towards a faith-based understanding of moral injury (Marek S. Kopacz, Courtney Ducharme, David Ani, Ahmet Atlig)


Grief as a Mystical Journey: Fowler’s Stages of Faith Development and Their Relation to Post-Traumatic Growth (Terri Daniel)

The Role of the Pastoral Practitioner in Health Outcomes and Wellbeing During Acute Illness: Exploring the Patient Experience of a Pastoral Visit (Janie Brown, Jennifer Gardner)

Frames for the Future: Developing Continuing Education & Professional Development Programs for Spiritual Care Practitioners: A Perspective from Victoria, Australia (Shinen Wong, Heather Tan)

The Effect of Religious Involvement on Life Satisfaction among Korean Christians: Focused on the Mediating Effect of Spiritual Well-Being and Self-Esteem (Jieun Yoo)

Assessing Transcendental Experiences vs Mental Illnesses (Shawn Lucas)

Church Services in a Complex Continuing Care Hospital: Why Bother? (Elizabeth Fisher, Jan Kraus, Kerry Kuluski, Peter Allatt)

Handling Stereotypes of Religious Professionals: Strategies Hospice Chaplains Use When Interacting with Patients and Families (Kristin Lindholm)

Personal Reflections

Eternal Life (Anna L. Gross)

Return to Babel (Anna Lisa Gross)

A day in the life of a Mayo chaplain … (Lorraine Gardner)

Book Review

Jung’s ethics: Moral psychology and his cure of souls by Daniel Merkur (Brian Welter)

Continuing Education Quiz

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