Ontario Central Northwest (OCN) Region Contacts

Chair: Bill Ford

Mail to Bill Ford

Vice Chair: Anne Komanecki

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Treasurer: John Zamiska

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Secretary: Lecia Kiska

Mail to Lecia Kiska          




Public Relations and Communications: Shola Oludipe

Mail to Shola Oludipe    





(CPE): Amira Ayad

Mail to Amira Ayad  




(PCE) Jane Pekar

Mail to Jane Pekar





Northern Ontario Rep: Steve Robertson

 Mail to Steve Robertson




Representatives on National Commissions and Committees

Chair of Regional Admitting Committee: Moe Weaver

Mail to Moe Weaver      




Jim HuthChair of Regional Professional Practice Committee: Jim Huth

Mail to Jim Huth    



Chair of Regional Ethics Committee: Jeff Braff

Mail to Jeff Braff      




Foundation Regional Contact: Vacant