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Table of Contents December 2020, Vol 74, No 4.

Journal of Pastoral Care & Counseling- Volume: 74, Number: 4 (December 2020)

Challenges, Tools, and the Big Picture
Terry R. Bard
Brief Communication
Assisting Faith-Based Organizations Increase Sense of Belonging during the Covid-19 Pandemic
Elizabeth Hathaway
Testing of a (Spiritual) Self-Assessment Tool ((S)SAT) in a Community Hospital Setting
Robert Bond and N. Shira Brown
Effect of Spiritual Care on Chest Tube Removal Anxiety and Pain in Heart Surgery in Muslim Patients (Shia and Sunni)
Hossin Fasihizadeh and Khadijeh Nasiriani
Out Of The Ashes: The Alberta Consortium For Supervised Pastoral Education Program
Darlene Pranke and Margaret Clark
Growth in Adult Ego Development and Mentalizing Emotions for an Increasingly Multidimensional God Image
Christopher Kam
The COVID-19 Context Calls for a Broader Range of Healthcare Chaplaincy Models: An Exploratory Translational Study Utilizing Evolutionary Psychology and Social Neuroscience Loneliness Research
Ann K. Riggs
Caring for Patients’ Reproductive Healthcare During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Maya Bass
The SOCOM Spiritual Fitness Scale: Measuring “Vertical” and “Horizontal” Spirituality in the Human Performance Domain
David William AlexanderZainah Abulhawa, and Joshua Kazman
Chart Audit of Spiritual Care Documentation: Continuous Quality Improvement
Vivian B. StangMary Jane Beavis, and Geneviève Côté
Personal Reflections
A Prayer for Nation
Dominikus David Biondi Situmorang
COVID-19: No Distinction for Children’s Spiritual Growth
Henny Christine Mamahit
Book Reviews
Jones, Russell Siler, Spirit in Session: Working With Your Client’s Spirituality (and Your Own) in Psychotherapy
Richard P. Olson
Everhart, Ruth. (2020). The #MeToo Reckoning: Facing the Church’s Complicity in Sexual Abuse and Misconduct
Sandra Bushnell
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Effect of Spiritual Care on Chest Tube Removal Anxiety and Pain in Heart Surgery (Fasihizadeh)



Table of Contents Vol 74, 3, October 2020

Table of Contents Alert
Journal of Pastoral Care & Counseling- Volume: 74, Number: 3 (October 2020)
A COVID-19 Educational Sidebar: Humble Curiosity
Terry R. Bard
Toward an Integrative Model of Psychospiritual Therapy: Bringing Spirituality and Psychotherapy Together
Gord Alton
Online/Cyber Counseling Services in the COVID-19 Outbreak: Are They Really New?
Dominikus David Biondi Situmorang
The Psychosocial Aspect of Burn Patient Recovery as it Informs Chaplain Interventions
Robert J. Crandall
He said/She said; Shaming, Blaming … Reframing: Impacts and Implications of Childlessness on Relationships in an Ancient Text
David J. Zucker and Alison Benjamin
Healing the Wounded Healer? A Survey of Jewish and Protestant Correctional Chaplains
Marcia Kesner and James Pann
Blessings and Cursings: The Liberating Gift of Profanity in Clinical Pastoral Education
Jeremy Gilmore
Premarital Counseling Practices among Christian and Muslim Lay Counselors in Ghana
Annabella Osei-TutuMabel Oti-BoadiAdjeiwa Akosua AfframVivian A. DzokotoPaapa Yaw AsanteFrancis Agyei, and Abraham Kenin
Personal Reflections
Reflection: The Personal Is Public
Bryan McMullen
Years Till Now
Rachel Anne Starmer
In the Media
Abortion Helpline, This Is Lisa (2019)
Maya Bass and Florence Gelo
Books Reviews
Christy Gunter Sim, Survivor Care: What Religious Professionals Need To Know about Healing Trauma
Dorothea Crites
Welch, B. K. Ministering Amid a Culture of Substance Abuse as it Pertains to Child Abuse: Advocating for Advanced Education to Create Safer Worship Environments
Brian Welter
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Table of Contents Vol 73, 3, September 2019

Table of Contents Alert
Journal of Pastoral Care & Counseling- Volume: 73, Number: 3 (September 2019)


Continuing the Journey
Terry R. Bard

Special Section: ACPE-AAPC Consolidation

Significant Change in the North American Spiritual Care Education and Psychotherapy Movement
Steven S. Ivy
The Future of Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy in the AAPC Tradition
Jill L. Snodgrass
Reflections on a Consolidation Gone Well
Claire Bamberg and Melissa Walker-Luckett


Memoirs and the Ars Moriendi
John Gillman
Pastor Wellness among Chinese Churches: A Canadian Study
Vincent H. K. Poon
Preventing Soldiers’ and Veterans’ Suicide by Pastoral Counseling and Mental Health Treatment
Tatsushi Hirono

Personal Reflection

Entering Vera’s World: Spiritual Care for People Living with Dementia
Kathleen A. Kelleher
What Is Authentic Prayer Now?
Craig “Dusty” Katzenmiller


It’s Magic
Michael Eselun

Book Reviews

Brian S. Powers, Full Darkness: Original Sin, Moral Injury, and Wartime Violence.
Brian Welter
Shulman, Lisa (2018). Before and After Loss: A Neurologist’s Perspective on Loss, Grief, and Our Brain.
Rev. Yoke Lye Lim Kwong

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Table of Contents Vol 73, 2, June 2019


Table of Contents Vol 73, 1, March 2019


Table of Contents Vol 72, 4 Dec 2018


Table of Contents Vol 72, 3 Sept 2018


Table of Contents Vol 72, 2 June 2018

Table of Contents Vol 72, 1, March 2018


Heraclitus, Heisenberg, and Spiritual Care by Terry R. Bard

Brief Communication

The Art of Response Post Hurricane Maria by Florence Gelo and Adelisa Gonzalez-Lugo


Examination of Spiritual Needs in Hurricane Sandy Disaster Recovery Through Clinical Pastoral Education Verbatims by Allison Kestenbaum, Catherine Anne Fleischman, Marta Dabis, Bette Birnbaum, Laura B. Dunn

Alternative Medicine in North America: A Christian Pastoral Response by E. Janet Warren

Chance Encounters: Rap Music as a Relational and Pedagogical Resource in Clinical Pastoral Education by Jeremy Gilmore

Cancer Storytelling: A Study of Well-Being Expressions Made by Patients by Gregory Brown, Jim (J.W.) de Jong

Spiritual Counseling Program For Children with Anxiety Disorders: A multi-city Experiment by Samta P. Pandya

Transforming Chaplaincy Requires Transforming Clinical Pastoral Education by Judith R. Ragsdale

Voice of the Clergy Wife: A Phenomenological Study by Amy C. Luedtke, Katti J. Sneed


There’s a Freedom in Accepting Self as Carbon by Robert L. Randall

For Caregivers of Children with Cancer and All Those Who Catch Falling Stars by Andrew Caldwell Toler


On Being: Podcasts to Explore by Florence Gelo

TED Talks: Learning Through Podcasts by Florence Gelo

Book Reviews

Mary Clark Moschella, Caring for Joy: Narrative, Theology and Practice, reviewed by AHyun Lee

L. K. Graham. Moral Injury: Restoring Wounded Souls, reviewed by Joretta L. Marshall

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Table of Contents:  Volume 71, Issue 4, December 2017


Cultural Resilience (Terry Bard)

Brief Communication

Towards a faith-based understanding of moral injury (Marek S. Kopacz, Courtney Ducharme, David Ani, Ahmet Atlig)


Grief as a Mystical Journey: Fowler’s Stages of Faith Development and Their Relation to Post-Traumatic Growth (Terri Daniel)
The Role of the Pastoral Practitioner in Health Outcomes and Wellbeing During Acute Illness: Exploring the Patient Experience of a Pastoral Visit (Janie Brown, Jennifer Gardner)

 Frames for the Future: Developing Continuing Education & Professional Development Programs for Spiritual Care Practitioners: A Perspective from Victoria, Australia (Shinen Wong, Heather Tan)

The Effect of Religious Involvement on Life Satisfaction among Korean Christians: Focused on the Mediating Effect of Spiritual Well-Being and Self-Esteem (Jieun Yoo)

Assessing Transcendental Experiences vs Mental Illnesses (Shawn Lucas)

Church Services in a Complex Continuing Care Hospital: Why Bother? (Elizabeth Fisher, Jan Kraus, Kerry Kuluski, Peter Allatt)

Handling Stereotypes of Religious Professionals: Strategies Hospice Chaplains Use When Interacting with Patients and Families (Kristin Lindholm)

Personal Reflections

Eternal Life (Anna L. Gross)

Return to Babel (Anna Lisa Gross)

A day in the life of a Mayo chaplain?… (Lorraine Gardner)

 Book Review

Jung’s ethics: Moral psychology and his cure of souls by Daniel Merkur (Brian Welter)

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Table of Contents Volume 71, Issue 1, March 2017



Full Access

Simplifying Complexity


First Published March 9, 2017; pp. 3–4



Full Access

Male and Female Ministers: Comparing Roman Catholic and Methodist Deacons on Personality Structure, Religious Beliefs, and Leadership Styles


First Published March 9, 2017; pp. 5–11


Show Abstract

Full Access

Spirituality, Happiness, and Psychological Well-being in 13- to 15-year olds: A Cross-country Longitudinal RCT Study


First Published March 9, 2017; pp. 12–26


Show Abstract

Full Access

The Feagaiga and Faife’au ‘Kids’ (FKs): An Examination of the Experiences of Parsonage Children of the Samoan Congregational Denomination in New Zealand


First Published March 9, 2017; pp. 27–40


Show Abstract

Full Access

Preparation for Pastoral Counseling and Spiritual Care: Strengthening Pastoral “Felt Knowledge” and Empathy through the Appreciation and Use of Contemporary Films


First Published March 9, 2017; pp. 41–51


Show Abstract

Full Access

Celibate Gay Christians: Sexual Identity and Religious Beliefs and Practices


First Published March 9, 2017; pp. 52–59


Show Abstract

Full Access

Alternative Visions for Pastoral Work with LGBTQ Individuals, Families, and Communities: A Response


First Published March 9, 2017; pp. 60–68


Show Abstract


In the Media
Full Access

E-Chaplaincy – Asking Some Questions


First Published March 9, 2017; pp. 69–72



Full Access

Reflections on a Reflection


First Published March 9, 2017; pp. 73–73



Books Reviews
Full Access

Daneshpour, Manijeh (2017). Family Therapy with Muslims


First Published March 9, 2017; pp. 74–75

Full Access

Nash, Paul, Madeleine Parkes, & Zamir Hussain (Eds.) (2015). Multifaith Care for Sick and Dying Children and their Families: A Multidisciplinary Guide


First Published March 9, 2017; pp. 75–77



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First Published March 9, 2017; pp. 78–80




Table of Contents: Volume 70, Issue 3, September 2016


Spiritual Care in Action Terry R. Bard First Published October 7, 2016; pp. 175–175


Effects of Spiritual Change on the Re-Entry Adjustment of Christian Young Adult Humanitarian Workers


Thomas Wartenweiler Francisco Jose Eiroa-Orosa

First Published October 7, 2016; pp. 176–185


Liturgy for Last Days: Pastoral Reflections on Acknowledging and Supporting the End-of-Life Experience

Trish Towle Greeves

First Published October 7, 2016; pp. 186–189

Re: Clinical Pastoral Education: A Physician’s Experience and Reflection on the Meaning of Spiritual Care in Palliative Care


Yoko Tarumi, Anna Taube, Sharon WatanabeRev. Anthony Akinlolu

First Published October 7, 2016; pp. 190–194

An Investigation of an Expanded Police Chaplaincy Model: Police Chaplains’ Communications with Local Citizens in Crisis

Valerie Gouse

First Published October 7, 2016; pp. 195–202

Personal Reflections

Life Encounters and Sport Injuries

Robert L. Randall

First Published October 7, 2016; pp. 203–203

Finding Life in the Midst of Death

Anne L. Simmonds

First Published October 7, 2016; pp. 204–205

A Christian Perspective of an Ojibwe Sweat for Women

Carol Z.A. McGinnis Julie Ogemaanungokwe Smith

First Published October 7, 2016; pp. 206–211

Show Abstract

In the Media

States of Grace


Teya Sepinuck

First Published October 7, 2016; pp. 212–213




David E. Cobb

First Published October 7, 2016; pp. 214–214

Book Reviews

Thompson, Curt (2015) The Soul of Shame: Retelling the Stories We Believe About Ourselves


David Michael Franzen

First Published October 7, 2016; pp. 215–216

Kelcourse, F. B. & Lyon, K. B. (Eds.) (2015). Transforming Wisdom: Pastoral Psychotherapy in Theological Perspective


Pamela J. Holliman

First Published October 7, 2016; pp. 215–216

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Table of Contents for March 2016; Vol. 70, No. 1

Editorial Shifting Sands    Terry R. Bard


Behavioral Outcomes of Supervisory Education in the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education: A Qualitative Research Study- Judith R. Ragsdale, Charles Orme-Rogers, Johnny C. Bush, Sheryl Lyndes Stowman, and Rodney W. Seeger

‘Out of the Whirlwind’: Clinical Pastoral Education and Climate Change- Andy S. Calder and Jan E. Morgan

The Spiral Staircase: A Narrative Approach to Pastoral Conversation- Andrew J. Miller

Predictors of Clergy’s Ability to Fulfill a Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper Role- Karen Mason, Monica Geist, Richard Kuo, Day Marshall, and James D. Wines, Jr

Spiritual Care and CPE: 2nd Year Experience-John Paul Luft

‘Paramedical’ Healing in Hospitals: The Expansion of Spiritual Care in Seoul- Irene Yung Park

Spiritual Care Education and Rural Systems in Swan River- Janel Curry, Margaret McCallum, and Jorge Juan Rodriguez V

Ethics, Politics, and Religion in Public Health Care: A Manifesto for Health Care Chaplains in Canada-Simon Lasair

Art at the Bedside: Reflections on Use of Visual Imagery in Hospital Chaplaincy-Susan Dodge-Peters Daiss

Personal Reflections

The Need to Be Seen

Karen Lieberman

The Haircut

Joseph Baroody

No Child Left in the Morgue: Standing in as Hope’s Family

Karen R. Behm

The Gift Relationship: Discovering Gift Exchange in Interpersonal Practice

Christopher Basil Brown

Promises, Promises

Haydn McLean

In the Media

Florence Gelo


A Chaplain’s Hospital Holiday: [Based on Clement Clarke Moore’s 1823 poem: ‘A Visit from St. Nicholas’]

Emily Rhodes Hunter

Book Reviews

Rassool, G. Hussein (2016) Islamic Counselling: An Introduction to Theory and Practice

Brian Welter

Mark Nepo, Inside the Miracle: Enduring Suffering, Approaching Wholeness

Rev. Dn. Stephen Muse

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Reflective Practice: Formation and Supervision in Ministry

The Editorial Board of Reflective Practice is pleased to announce that beginning with Volume 31, Reflective Practice will be published electronically at To fulfill our mission as a global resource in formation and supervision for the next generation of religious leaders around the globe, Reflective Practice will be an OPEN ACCESS JOURNAL FREE to anyone anywhere in the world with internet access. No registration is necessary. Simply go to You will find Volumes 29 to 34 are already online in the archives. Volume 35 is available online.

Printed copies of past or future volumes of Reflective Practice may be ordered through the website

Contributions from Canadian authors are always welcome. Since the journal changed its name to Reflective Practice we have had one Canadian author in each volume. We could have more.

Herbert Anderson, Editor

Table of Contents for Volume 35-2015


Scott Sullender, George Fitchette, George Fitzgerald, Rod Seeger


Scott Sullender
Scott Sullender
Christie Cozad Neuger
Suzanne M. Coyle
Carroll E. Arkema
Christina R. Zaker
Carroll E. Arkema
Georgia Gojmerac-Leiner
Carroll E. Arkema
Lynette Dungan


Scott Sullender
Alexander F. Tartaglia
David C. Johnson
Judith R. Ragsdale
David Lichter
Joseph F. Perez

ATFE Field Educators Best Practices Paper

Matthew Floding, Thomas Fuller, Lucinda Huffaker, Rhonda Parker, Jennie Lee Rodriguez, Allison St. Louis

ACPE Theory Papers

Beth Naditch


Scott Sullender
Einat Ramon
Kamal Abu-Shansieh
Suk Yeon Jang-Lee
Murray House, Mike Parker


Scott Sullender
George Fitzgerald
Dean McDonald
Lori Klein
Leslie Veen
Kamal Abu-Shamsieh
Landon Bogan
David Daniel Klipper
Sheryl A. Kujawa-Holbrook


Scott Sullender