Advocacy Resources

This is the first draft of an advocacy guide for the Canadian Association of Spiritual Care. It will be added to yearly as opportunity permits in order to provide an increasing amount of information and guidance on all levels of advocacy. In 2013 we expect to focus some more attention on advocacy at the local institutional level. It is also hoped in the future to have a section on advocating for individual patient situations as contrasted to the present document which focuses on the macro level of advocating for that which benefits patients and the profession as a whole. In addition it is recognized that much of what follows is considered more from the context of health care than that of corrections. Application of the principles contained herein, do however vary only slightly and the reader will likely be able to make connections to other sectors. In the future a special focus on corrections may also be added.

The Membership is welcome to make suggestions to the working group via email to the chair at any time, as indicated at the end of this draft. We hope what follows will be useful in advancing the cause of Spiritual Care Resources from the Advocacy Working Group: