Professional Practice Links for Members Only

The Professional Practice Commission (PPC) serves the membership of CASC/ACSS by providing leadership in promoting the professional practice and enhancing the professional identity of the membership.

The PPC serves CASC/ACSS Members through such duties as:
  • developing and implementing governance documents such as the scope of practice, standards of practice, including competencies, for spiritual care, psycho-spiritual therapy, and education, as well as for any specialist practice areas that the membership identify to the Commission
  • providing leadership for the development of professional statutory regulation across all regions
  • promoting and enhancing the recruitment and retention of members, identifying the value of CASC/ACSS membership
  • advocating with employers, faith groups and government for spiritual care, psycho-spiritual therapy and education.
  • supporting and ensuring opportunities for professional affiliation, continuing education, and research by the members of the Association
  • developing, promoting and overseeing the peer review process
  • liaising with the Board of Managers of the Journal of Pastoral Care Publications, Inc. (JPCP, Inc)

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PPC Chair Role Description

Below are some links related to the work of the PPC.


Our Scope of Practice describes the work we may be called upon to do.

Our Standards of Practice outline the professional standards our Members are held to.

Our Competencies describe the skills and knowledge our Members require.

Our Members accede to our Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.