Things will be a little different due to covid.

We will still be gathering as an online community and while we will be apart, we can still share the evening together.

The local planning committee would like to invite you to participate in a fun Epicurean competition.

Our hope is that people will share their favourite appetizer recipes and beverages, and on the evening of the reception across Canada from our own homes we will celebrate together. 

We are holding two competitions based on appetizers and drinks for the evening with two $50.00 prizes. We will ask you to vote on your favourite recipe prior to the President’s Reception and announce the winners during the reception. We will send you a link by email allowing you to vote. 

1) Submit your favourite appetizer recipe and the person who gets the most votes will win one prize of $50.00. 

2) Submit a selection of appetizers and beverage. For example, a selection of cheeses and a wine to pair, or a selection of Greek appetizers and pair it with a beverage.  Again the person who receives the most votes will win. 


Hope you can join us at the President’s Virtual Reception

on Sunday April 18th from 7 to 8:30 pm EST.