Latest Issue of The Journal of Pastoral Care & Counseling Now Available

The latest issue of the Journal of Pastoral Care & Counseling is now available. CASC/ACSS Members have two articles published in this June edition. Member Simon Lasair from Saskatoon has an article published entitled “What’s The Point of Spiritual Care? A Narrative Response.” Thomas St. James O’Connor and seven other CASC/ACSS Members also have an article in this edition entitled: “Evidence-Based Spiritual Care Practice in the Canadian Context: Twenty Years Later.” Erin Snider, Ayse Erenay, Thomas St. James O’Connor, Colleen Dotzert, Stephanie Hong, Ruth Smith, Lisa Dolson and Michael P. Foulger co-authored this research.

Simon Lasair       Thomas St. James O’Connor

Table of Contents available here:

This article assumes spiritual care is relevant for all people, regardless of their faith affiliation. Building on the author’s work in narrative spirituality, the discussion demonstrates how spiritual care practitioners can engage clients in their lived narratives, with Narrative Empowerment being the end goal. Several therapeutic practices are thus revealed, as well as three traits by which a client’s Narrative Empowerment can be described and assessed.

Abstract of the “Evidence Based Spiritual Care Practice” article

Reviews developments, strengths and challenges in evidence-based spiritual care practice (EBSCP) using a hermeneutical method which compares and interprets a variety of written texts. EBSCP originated from evidence-based medicine (EBM) developed at McMaster University and was adopted as evidence-based practice (EBP) by multiple professional disciplines. EBSCP was first addressed in Canada and American spiritual care researchers in the US have since advanced EBSCP. Questions are raised about processes of integrating EBSCP in a Canadian context as well as areas for future research.

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