Journal of Pastoral Care: Special Edition on Spiritual Care and COVID 19.

The Journal of Pastoral Care & Counselling has just released a special edition on Spiritual Care and Covid 19.  There are 10 excellent articles plus an editorial covering many aspects of the pandemic and its impact on Spiritual Care provision. To see the full Journal edition, go to the Members Only Section and click on the Journals icon in the left hand side bar. To see the Table of Contents page read more below or click the download button.


Title page for Special Edition of the Journal of Pastoral Care and Counseling


 Editorial  COVID-19 and Chaplains -Terry R. Bard

Special Project – Spiritual Care and Covid 19  The Impact of the First Wave of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Chaplaincy in Health Care: Introduction to an International Survey -Anne Vandenhoeck

What Did Chaplains Do During the Covid Pandemic? An International Survey -Austyn Snowden

“The Most Effective Experience was a Flexible and Creative Attitude”—Reflections on Those Aspects of Spiritual Care that were Lost, Gained, or Deemed Ineffective during the Pandemic -Anne Vandenhoeck, Cheryl Holmes, Cate Michelle Desjardins and Joost Verhoef

Staff-Care by Chaplains during COVID-19 -Beba Tata, Daniel Nuzum, Karen Murphy, Leila Karimi and Wendy Cadge

Scared but Powerful: Healthcare Chaplains’ Emotional Responses and Self-Care Modes during the SARS-Cov-19 Pandemic -Cate Michelle Desjardins, Anna Bovo, Mario Cagna, Martijn Steegen and Anne Vandenhoeck

“We Need to Learn from What we Have Learned!”: The Possible Impact of Covid-19 on the Education and Training of Chaplains – Eleanor Flynn, Heather Tan and Anne Vandenhoeck

“Essential Not Optional”: Spiritual Care in Australia during a Pandemic -Heather Tan, Cheryl Holmes, Eleanor Flynn and Leila Karimi

A Long Way to Go Understanding the Role of Chaplaincy? A Critical Reflection on the Findings of the Survey Examining Chaplaincy Responses to Covid-19  -Megan Best, Geila Rajaee and Anne Vandenhoeck

Chaplaincy in a Free-Standing Psychiatric Hospital During the COVID-19 Pandemic -Angelika A. Zollfrank

Conclusion: What We Learned and Next Steps -Trace Haythorn

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