Journal of Pastoral Care & Counseling Vol. 73, No. 4, December 1, 2019 is Now Available Online

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Table of Contents

Journal of Pastoral Care & Counseling- Volume: 73, Number: 4 (December 2019)


Sacred and Profane Terry R. Bard


Toxic Theology as a Contributing Factor in Complicated Mourning

Terri Daniel

The Relationship between Spiritual Intelligence and Resiliency of Rehabilitation Staff

Banafsheh Ebrahimi Barmi, Mohammadali Hosseini, Kianoush Abdi, Enayatollah Bakhshi, and Shima Shirozhan

Training Healthcare Chaplains: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Wendy Cadge, George Fitchett, Trace Haythorn, Patricia K. Palmer, Shelly Rambo, Casey Clevenger, and Irene Elizabeth Stroud

Fostering spiritual resilience and vitality in formerly incarcerated persons of African American descent

Rev. Dr. Lori E. Banfield

Experience of Stress and Burnout among Pastors in China

Kara Chan and M. Chen

The Priority List: An Evidence-Based Approach to Selecting Patients for Chaplain Visits

Christopher M. Morrison and Aaron Alvarez

Reconciling as a Primary Pastoral Act of Spiritual Care

Michael K. Washington


Fooling Death

Pamela Cranston

Personal Reflection

No Strings Attached: Faith Divested of Reciprocity

Haydn McLean

The Hospital is a Paradoxical Place

Kiersty Hong

Book Reviews

Kirk A. Bingaman, Pastoral and Spiritual Care in a Digital Age: The Future is Now
David M. Franzen
Powers, B. S. (2019). Full Darkness: Original Sin, Moral Injury and Wartime Violence
Holly Bonner

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