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April 1, 2019

Website Security

Despite the date, this is no joke!
Scam Warning:

For the past several years scammers have been attempting to contact Members of CASC/ACSS’s national and regional executives pretending to be a fellow CASC/ACSS Member. They ask for an urgent money transfer explaining they do not have access to a phone. The e-mail used is a fake e-mail address which sounds legitimate at first glance.

It is likely that the scammers obtain names and e-mail addresses from the public side of our web site. However due to the fact that many non members come looking for names and contacts to inquire about spiritual care or taking SPE units, it is not feasible to eliminate contact information or have it only available in our Members only section.

CASC/ACSS has taken steps to reduce our vulnerability to such scam attempts.

  • We have provided key CASC/ACSS leadership positions with e-mail addresses using This makes it more difficult for scammers to use fake e-mails to fool their victims.
  • We are using technology to hide (encode) emails. All emails on our website are encoded to avoid (but not completely prevent) automatic harvesting.
  • We are creating spam rules for receiving these types of malicious emails. That is, with the host Control Panel, we add blacklist spam rules – based on keywords, likely – to prevent accounts from receiving these types of spam emails.
  • One of the most important factors in stopping scammers is awareness. Alerting potential victims to be on the look out for scams is a key element in reducing risk. We thank our leaders for their caution and vigilance in regards to scam attempts.


v6: 190401
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