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March 27, 2019

Insurance Announcement

2019-2020 Membership/ Insurance Drive is now activated on our website for your convenience.

Please note that:

1- Current Members: As usual, please access your personal profile on-line and Renew your membership for 2019-2020. If the Membership Category showing on your profile is incorrect, please contact us immediately (

2- After renewing your membership, you may purchase the Liability Insurance as well as the Property Insurance (for members operating private practices). Insurance and other services may also be purchased anytime during the year.

This year, we offer our current members the benefit to acquire the Liability Insurance and the Property Insurance for 2019-2020 and receive full coverage if purchased during April or May 2019 at NO extra cost, a 14 month-value for the cost of 12.

3- NEW members joining the Association for the first time during April and May 2019 will receive free extension of membership and insurance at NO extra cost, a 14 month-value for the cost of 12.

4- All Membership and Insurance Terms end May 31, 2020

5- Your profile must be kept up-to-date.


The membership and Insurance drive is open NOW, so please renew your membership before the end of May 2019 to benefit from the current reduced rates. Effective June 1st, 2019 an additional $25 is automatically applied to late renewals. We urge you not to wait.

For any question please contact us at or 1-866-442-2773

To renew membership go to the “My CASC/ACSS” top tab on the Member Only section of the CASC/ACSS web site. Then click on “Member Renewal”. You will be able to add on insurance as part of renewing your membership.


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