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June 11, 2019

We are pleased to share the revisions and updates to our Competencies and Peer Review processes that were presented to our Members at the AGM in Fredericton.  


Revised Competencies for Certified Professionals

Competencies for Certified Spiritual Care Practitioners and Certified Psycho-Spiritual Therapists have been revised. 


A Working Group of the Professional Practice Commission (PPC) and Educational Standards Commission (ESC) completed their work in time for our meetings in Fredericton.  After final consultations with the Board and Commissions, we are pleased that revised Competencies for CASC/ACSS Certified Professionals have been approved for implementation.


There are now four core competencies for CASC/ACSS Certified Professionals:

  1. Professional Identity                       
  2. Knowledge

2.1.      Spiritual/Religious/Cultural

2.2.      Psychological Theories

2.3.      Research

  1. Professional Ethical Conduct
  2. Professional Skills

4.1.      Therapeutic Relationship

4.2.      Assessment

4.3.      Intervention

4.4.      Documentation

4.5.      Leadership


A copy of the revised Competencies for CASC/ACSS Certified Professionals can be found in the Professional Practice Links page on the Members side of the website.  


Certification Revision

A Certification Revision Subcommittee has been formed and is currently working on a new Certification process, which we hope to launch at the 2020 conference. 

Given the work that is happening, we will be moving up the deadline for application for Certification and submission of documents to December 31, 2019. Members who are planning to be Certified this year have the option of using either the revised or original competencies and are asked to keep this new deadline in mind. 

Please contact if you have any questions.


New Competencies for Certified Supervisor-Educators

We now have new Competencies for Certified Supervisor-Educators (CSE).

The PPC began drafting the new CSE Competencies during the national conference in 2017. Since this time workshops and meetings have been held with a variety of stakeholders, and the new competencies were approved by our Membership at the AGM in Fredericton.

There are four main competencies for Certified Supervisor-Educators:

  • 1.    Conceptual Knowledge of Clinical Supervision
  • 2.  Aptitude in SPE Program Design, Implementation and Administration
  • 3.     Engagement in the Supervision of Individual SPE Students
  • 4.     Facilitation of SPE Group Seminars and Related Activities

A copy of the new Competencies for Certified Supervisor-Educators can be found in the Professional Practice Links page on the Members side of the website. 


Peer Review

We have developed and approved a new, simplified and collaborative Peer Review process for Certified Members.

This new Peer Review process includes:

  1. Articulation of the spirit of the Peer Review process being:
  • to make space for deep personal reflection on experience
  • to celebrate the peer reviewee’s work
  • to offer support if needed.
  1. Revision and simplification of Form 3.1 from an eight-page to a two-page form with one page of instructions and an attachable, optional Professional Development Record.
  • 3. Revision and simplification of Form 3.2 from an eight-page to a two-page form.
  • 4. Revision of Professional Development requirements, which now include:
  • 20 hours/year: Spiritual Growth (retreats, spiritual direction, reflective study, etc)
  • 20 hours/year: Continuing Education and Supervision*

*this requirement aligns with the CRPO and includes an option for Members who belong to the CRPO to attach their learning record

  • 10 hours/year: Research or use of research findings

The new Peer Review process is available as a pilot for Peer Reviews of all Certified Members this year. Details and Forms are available in the Professional Practice Links page on the Members Only side of the website.


Where’s My Gold Sticker?

This past year the Board approved new certificate protocols for Certification and Peer Review. All Members will now receive a certificate with a single gold sticker when they are Certified, and Certified Members who successfully complete their Peer Review will receive letters confirming this completion. As a result, we will no longer be mailing out gold stickers each year to Certified Members who renew their Membership.

We are aware that Members who have been Certified prior to this year will now end up with empty circles on their certificates where gold stickers are meant to be. With this in mind, we will be providing replacement certificates to all Certified Members who complete their Peer Review over the next five years. Members who wish to replace their old certificates before they complete their Peer Review can request one for $20 on the “My CASC/ACSS” tab on the Members side of the website under “Purchase Additional Items”.


Call For Proposals Reminder For 2020 Conference In Cleveland

On behalf of the Partners for Professional Excellence in Spiritual Care (Partners), we invite submission of proposals for Professional Development Intensives (also called Pre/Post Conference Workshops) which are eight- and four-hour sessions and 90 Minute Workshops for our 2020 Joint Conference, May 11-14 in Cleveland, Ohio. Intensives will begin on May 10.

The 2020 Joint Conference Theme is 20/20 Vision: The Future of Spiritual Care which invites you to share your expertise, inspire colleagues, stimulate thoughtful discussion, and educate others on important issues within institutional chaplaincy/spiritual care and psycho spiritual therapy.

Our goals at the 2020 Conference will be:

  • Share leading practices in research, professional development, and credentialing
  • Strengthen professional relations
  • Focus our time, talents and resources on those most vulnerable
  • Grow our practical and professional skills

For more information please see the 2020 Conference Website

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