CASC/ACSS Conference 2019

Support our Sponsors


We thank our wonderful sponsors for supporting the conference. Due to their generosity, we are nearly at our goal of $35,000.











Platinum Sponsor: $5000 and up

Truro U.CC Presbytery.





Gold Sponsor:  $2500 to $5000

Sandra and Arthur Irving Foundation




Sisters of Mercy, Newfoundland






Atlantic Region of CASC/ACSS





Silver Sponsor: $1000 and up

Anglican Diocese of Fredericton


Anglican Diocese of New Westminster B.C


Margaret and Wallace McCain Family Foundation



Sisters of Charity (N.B.)


Sisters of Providence, Kingston, Ontario.


Sisters of St Martha , Antigonish , N.S.





Institute of Pastoral training


Alberta Region of CASC/ACSS



CASC /ACSS region of Ontario South and West 




RBC Fredericton 





Sisters of St Joseph of Toronto






Bronze Sponsor: $500 and up


Ruban Insurance



Sydney, Nova Scotia UCC Presbytery.







Saskatchewan Region of CASC/ACSS




Ontario Central and Northwest Region of CASC/ACSS




Philip and Maureen Weaver, Toronto






The Chalmers Foundation Fredericton



Deb Everett






Anglican Diocese of Rupertsland






Table Sponsors: $250.00/table

Acadia Divinity College


Emmanuel College of Toronto




Canadian Community for Christian Meditation





Other Sponsors: $100.00 and up

Arnold Chippin ( Fredericton Real Estate agent )
506-458-1994  506-452-1990





Wilmot UCW ( Fredericton)





Handmade decorative bowl to be given away at the conference. Made of pine, poplar and ebony wood recycled from an old piano 4” in diameter.  Created by Andrew Elliot of Sissiboo Riverbank Studio.



Nutrition Break Sponsor- Buffy Harper






Nutrition Break: Anonymous

Chair Sponsors: $25.00/chair

X2  Lorrie Yerxa Fredericton Lawyer




X2 Scott’s Nursery Fredericton



X2 Sandra Morrison 





Other Donations

Cora, Fredericton


Tourism Fredericton
Trites Flower Shop



Canadian Virtual Hospice


Ganong’s – St Stephen , N.B.


Toronto Hospitals ( UHN) – Spiritual Care Department


10% off coupons – Diplomat Restaurant, Fredericton


1/2 admission price. Beaverbrook Art Gallery (Thursday May 2 only)



Advertising Sponsors

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Rev. Sandra Morrison, Co-Chair  |  902-567-7743

Rev. Deb Everett, Co-Chair  |  506-449-9228