CASC/ACSS Conference 2019

Keynote Speakers and Facilitator

Near Death Experiences: Hope, Hypoxia and Hypothesis

David Maginley cropped

Rev. David Maginley

Rev. David Maginley is a spiritual counselor for the cancer program, palliative care and ICU at the QEII Health Sciences Centre in Halifax, NS, and award-winning author of Beyond Surviving: Cancer and Your Spiritual Journey. While David has degrees in philosophy and religious studies, his real education came from surviving cancer four times. This resulted in a profound near-death experience and explorations in the nature of consciousness and the connection of body, mind and spirit. He knows what it’s like to have cancer from both sides of the hospital bed, and has a sense of this life from both sides of the veil.

David is ordained with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada, a certified Spiritual Care Practitioner with the Canadian Association for Spiritual Care, member of the Canadian Association for Psychosocial Oncology, the International Association for Near-Death Studies, and is featured in the documentaries Here Right Now, and When You Die.

David is the author of Beyond Surviving: Cancer and your Spiritual Journey , and an avid photographer, using the camera as a tool for self-psychology, and conducting workshops on creativity and spirituality. An advisor for provincial and federal cancer initiatives, David lectures throughout Canada on meaning in suffering, the wisdom of grief, mindfulness, death and dying, compassion fatigue and integrative spirituality.

To read more and see wonderful videos about David please visit his website.

Cultivating Narrative Resilience through the Practice of Narrative Care

Bill Randall

Dr. Bill Randall

This engaging presentation will consider the many and complex ways in which we are “the story species” (Gold, 2002) who experience our identities, our emotions, our relationships, and our spirituality, primarily in terms of stories. The maintenance and development of narrative identity can undergo significant challenges, however, in the face of aging, illness, and institutionalization, challenges which the practice of “narrative care” can address. Stressed in this presentation, therefore, will be the powerful role that compassionate story-listening can play in helping people to thicken and strengthen – and to render more resilient – the stories by which they live.

Bill Randall, MDiv, EdD, is a Professor of Gerontology at St. Thomas University in Fredericton, NB. A native of rural New Brunswick and a former minister with the United Church of Canada, he holds degrees from Harvard University, Princeton Theological Seminary, and the University of Toronto. Since entering the academic life he has helped to pioneer a unique approach to the study of aging known as “narrative gerontology.” He is author or co-author of over 60 scholarly publications on this subject, including the books “The Stories We Are: An Essay on Self-Creation” (Univ of Toronto Press 1995/2014) and “Reading Our Lives: The Poetics of Growing Old” (Oxford U.P., 2008). His present interests revolve around resilience in later life and the intersection of narrative, aging and spirituality.

He is author, co-author, or co-editor of seven books.

  • The Stories We Are: An Essay on Self-Creation (University of Toronto Press, 1995/2014)
  • Restorying Our Lives: Personal Growth Through Autobiographical Reflection (Praeger, 1997
  • Ordinary Wisdom: Biographical Aging and the Journey of Life (Praeger, 2001)
  • Storying Later Life: Issues, Investigations & Interventions in Narrative Gerontology (Oxford University Press, 2011)
  • The Tales that Bind: A Narrative Model of Living & Helping in Rural Communities (University of Toronto Press, 2015)
  • The Narrative Complexity of Ordinary Life: Tales from the Coffee Shop (Oxford University Press, 2015)

Among the topics he is passionate about are:

  • The Poetics of Growing Old
  • Narrative Openness & Narrative Resilience in Later Life
  • Biographical Aging as a Spiritual Process
  • Life Stories as Sacred Texts
  • Ordinary Wisdom & Autobiographical Learning
  • Creativity & Aging
  • Spirituality & Aging
  • Reading & Writing our Lives
  • The Art of Storylistening
  • The Importance of Narrative Care
  • The Narrative Complexity of Ordinary Life

From Dr. Randall’s website.

Dr. Randall’s video.

“Appreciating the richness and complexity of older adults’ lives – in short, listening to and honouring their stories – is absolutely central to their physical and emotional well-being, not to mention to the communities where they live and which they love.”

Dr. Bill Randall  From The New Brunswick Social Policy Research Network website.

Special Facilitator for AGM Sessions

Christina Becker will be facilitating two one hour discussion sessions during the AGMs.

Christina has worked in the nonprofit field for 40 years. She is the Vice-President of Consulting with Becker Associates, an association management company dedicated to supporting volunteer leaders. She is also the founder of the Canadian Nonprofit Academy. In her long career, she has had many different roles in and around the board room table – Executive Director, government officer, consultant, business owner, board member, and most recently volunteer president of the Ontario Society of Registered Psychotherapists. She has a deep understanding of the sometimes-competing interests of the stakeholders around the board room table. She is also a registered psychotherapist and intimately involved in dialogues related to regulation in Ontario.