CASC/ACSS Conference 2022

Conference Organizers


Jonathan Jandavs-Hedlin

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Nimawin (Bread for the Journey)

Michael Thibert

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Nimawin is the committee charged with helping implement the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Report into the life and processes of CASC/ACSS.



Chenene Layne

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Karin Holmes

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Workshops & National Board Rep

Lynn Granke

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Deb Martens

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Lori Jorgenson

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Memorial Service

Mary Holmen

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Conference Specialist

John Vanella




Fund Raising and Sponsorships

Sue barkman

For sponsorship opportunities, please see our “Become a Sponsor” page or Email Sue Barkman  |  Want phone number here?

For other inquiries or questions, please contact the Chair.



Promotions & Conference Website

Tim Frymire

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