CFSC/FCSS Regional Board Representative


The CFSC/FCSS regional Board representative is a person who believes in and supports the mission and objectives of the Foundation and wants to make a contribution as a Board member.

Term of Office

Two years. May be extended for a second term of two years.


  1. Attend as you are able and actively participate in approximately six CFSC/FCSS Board teleconference calls a year
  2. Participate in the adjudication process of choosing grant and bursary recipients.
  3. Share your creativity and respond to the creative ideas of other members on the CFSC/FCSS Board.
  4. Express your enthusiasm for finding ways to support the future of spiritual care through research and education.
  5. Inform regional executive of any new CFSC/FCSS initiatives through a written report.
  6. Communicate with the CASC/ACSS Members in the region through articles in regional newsletter or email blast.
  7. Encourage regional members to apply for CFSC/FCSS research grants and CPE bursaries.
  8. Solicit regional support for any CFSC/FCSS fundraising events, such as the annual Walk/Run/Roll at the CASC/ACSS conference.


  1. Participate in a national board dedicated to supporting the future of our profession.
  2. Experience the lively discourse of the teleconference calls.
  3. Represent the uniqueness of your region on the CFSC/FCSS Board.
  4. Learn about and share what is happening in other regions.
  5. Develop friendships with the other members of the CFSC/FCSS Board from across the country.
  6. Enjoy the fruits of your labour as you see the Foundation grow.
  7. Know that you are making a difference in a very concrete way in the lives of present and future CASC/FCSS members.
  8. Feel satisfied that you have contributed to the ongoing work of the Foundation.

The above information is contained in this document.