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Spiritual health is essential. It greatly impacts physical health, well-being and quality of life. Just as medical professionals care for bodies and minds, spiritual care practitioners contribute to the overall care of individuals.

The World Health Organization defines the four dimensions of well-being as physical, social, mental and spiritual health. The spiritual dimension “is not material in nature, but belongs to the realm of ideas, beliefs, values, and ethics that have arisen in the minds and conscience of human beings, particularly ennobling ideas.5

Committed to Excellence

Committed to excellence in education and standards of practice, as well as transparency through a clear Code of Ethics, CASC/ACSS trains professionals who are rooted in spiritual / religious / cultural traditions and connect with self, other and the sacred for a holistic and spiritually-oriented approach to care and therapy. From this foundation, CASC/ACSS trained professionals reflectively integrate the wisdom of spiritual / religious / cultural traditions with psychotherapeutic modalities as a way of being with and for others during times of crisis, challenge and change.

CASC/ACSS trained professionals provide spiritual care and psycho-spiritual therapy in private practice as well as in a variety of institutional settings, including health care, military, corrections, education and other multi-faith, religious and secular communities.

Spiritual Care


Psycho-Spiritual Therapy



Spiritual Care embraces a holistic approach, attending to an individual’s beliefs, values, behaviours…   Psycho-Spiritual Therapy is a complex, wide-ranging area of practice that integrates spirituality…   Our competencies describe the skills and knowledge our Members require…
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