Educational Events and Resources

Throughout the year, CASC/ACSS Members participate in and promote events and resources related to our profession and work in the communities we serve.

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CASC/ACSS offers a supervisory training module entitled:

Becoming an Effective CASC/ACSS Supervisor-Educator

This module is available to CASC/ACSS Members on the Members Only side of the web site.

This module is part of the requirements for those pursuing  certification as a Supervisor -Educator.  For more information consult the Education manual Chapter 2, Section IV, especially sections 8.3 and 9.6.  Click here to view the manual





New Graduate Diploma in Catholic Bioethics at Saint Paul University in Ottawa

The Graduate Diploma in Catholic Bioethics is designed to meet the educational goals of individuals who are interested in understanding or who are likely to find themselves addressing contemporary bioethical issues in a manner that is consistent with ethical principles generally, and with Catholic moral theology specifically.

This program can serve as a stepping stone for a career shift by senior level health care professionals who aspire to becoming stronger leaders in their current organizations or elsewhere and to acquiring new skills to prepare them for future challenges surrounding bioethical issues in society.

It can also provide the theological and ethical foundations for those who are currently responsible for ethics in Catholic health care or other organizations but who lack the education appropriate for fulfilling the requirements of their positions.

Click here for more information


200 Quotations- Interfaith Dialogue

Paul McKenna has provided this rich resource for Interfaith Dialogue

“This collection of 200 dialogue and dialogue-related quotations is gathered from a wide range of sources – ancient and modern. This anthology touches on numerous issues including diversity, pluralism, unity, global consciousness, anti-racism, justice, transformation and listening. You will find these quotations to be useful for group reflection, writing projects, workshops, conferences and as a permanent reference document.”

You can down load this document here

Sacred Art of Living

Member Christine Enfield from Edmonton sent in information on recent educational programs she has experienced and recommends. For more information, visit the Sacred Art of Living website here. Their educational programs on Spiritual Suffering may be of particular interest to CASC/ACSS Members. Here  is Christine’s testimony:

I have completed the Healing the Healers series with the Sacred Art of Living Center and am currently participating in my second year of their Anamcara Apprenticeship. I have also completed one of their Enneagram workshops. All of the programs have been excellent and transformative for me personally and professionally in my work in palliative care. They are inclusive and welcoming of all as well as drawing on the world’s wisdom traditions in their content. They have been providing virtual as well as in person programs even before the pandemic, so are adept at using the Zoom format.”







Podcast on Mental Health and Wellness in the Workplace From a Spiritual Perspective.

Member Ciaran McKenna shares a pod cast he did late last year for his workplace.  Click here to listen to Ciaran’s interview.


A Practical Guide for Consensus-Based Decision Making

Jim Madden is offering his resource “A Practical Guide for Consensus-based decision making” for the use of all CASC/ACSS Members. Click here to download.

Our thanks to Jim for sharing his work with CASC/ACSS Members. Jim has worked as a community organizer, a sociologist, in the public health system as a program evaluator and program manager, and in various roles in the mental health system. Jim is currently System Coordinator for the London-Middlesex Children and Youth Mental Health System (as part of the provincial Moving on Mental Health initiative.) For his “third act of life,” Jim finished a Master of Arts degree in Spiritual Care and Psychotherapy at Waterloo Lutheran Seminary (Wilfrid Laurier University) in 2015, and is also a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) in private practice.


Golden Rule Poster

Paul McKenna has generously given CASC/ACSS Members permission to download and use his Golden Rule resources. 


Bilingual Golden Rule Poster – French & English (free online)


The Golden Rule poster is also available in dozens of other languages including German, Hebrew, Japanese, Italian, etc.

Golden Rule Free Education Resources:


Educational Resources

Principles and guidelines for interfaith dialogue:

Principles and Guidelines for Interfaith Dialogue


Interfaith curriculum and educational resources:

Curriculum Resources

Church and Dialogue:

The Church & Dialogue

This discussion starter is a handy tool for raising consciousness in the realms of diversity, pluralism and equity. It can be used for individual and group reflection or as a way of opening an interfaith event. If one is really creative, one can develop it into a full workshop. Here is the link:

International Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners

55 Main Street Suite 102
Sparta, NJ 07871 USA
1.973.729.6601 USA

We have an aging population. Actually, by the time you read this you would have aged. The number one diagnosis in the elderly is Dementia. We cannot afford to not train our staff in the area of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

The ICCDP offers two globally recognized certifications.

CMDCP Certified Montessori Dementia Care Professional is an online 6-hour Montessori Dementia Care Professional course and once completed certifies you as a CMDCP Certified Montessori Dementia Care Professional. The course was developed by Dr. Cameron Camp founder of the Center for Applied Research in Dementia. The CMDCP certification is globally recognized. To apply for certification, see

CDP Certified Dementia Practitioner is a 7- hour online Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Care seminar. Upon completion of the course awards you the credential of CDP. See

Our sister company is the NCCDP which offers many options for training.

CDSGF Certified Dementia Support Group Facilitator and is a 3- hour online course. To view the course information see and certification.

CADDCT Certified Alzheimer’s Disease ad Dementia Care Trainer is a one day 12 -hour live in person class and will provide the professional with all their training materials in order to present the ADDC Alzheimer’s Disease ad Dementia Care curriculum to your staff. See and click instructor to download the application.

CDP Certified Dementia Practitioner is the credential that staff can apply for upon completing the ADDC curriculum presented by a CADDCT trainer. To see the CDP application click certification.

NCCDP just released a brand-new sexuality and intimacy video that answers all the sensitive questions your staff are ill prepared for. Nationwide staff report little training in the area of sexuality and dementia topics.


Association for Death Education and Counseling (ADEC) Library

The Association for Death Education and Counseling (ADEC) has a large library of webinar resources for purchase.  They now require users to create a user name and password to purchase webinars and recordings at their site. Visit the EDAC site.

Below is a sample of some of their informative webinars.

2018 Webinar Recording Library (12 sessions)

Access to a recording library of all 12 webinars offered in 2018.Sign in for your pricing!
Price: $480.00 

Addressing Complicated Grief (May 2019) Webinar

The Meaning In Loss Group: Addressing Complicated Grief from a Narrative-Constructive Framework…

Price: $50.00 

 Culturally Inclusive Latino Strategies for Care (May 2018) Webinar

Culturally Inclusive Strategies for Care: A Latino Examination…

Price: $50.00 

 Early Intervention Approaches (Feb 2019) Webinar

Early Intervention Approaches to Bolster Resilience after Traumatic Loss…

Price: $50.00 

 Exploring Organizational Ethics (March 2018) Webinar

Mine, Yours, and Ours: Exploring Organizational Ethics and Auditing in End-of-Life Care…

Price: $50.00 

 Grieving in the Online World (Jan 2018) Webinar

Grieving in the Online World: What Clinicians and Researchers Need to Know…

Price: $50.00 

 Habits of the Heart (Sept 2018) Webinar

Habits of the Heart: Attachment Reframing in Grief Therapy…

Price: $50.00 

 How Community Tragedies Impact Grief (Nov 2018) Webinar

Price: $50.00 

 Making Memories through Ceremony (Aug 2018) Webinar

Making Memories through Ceremony: Integrating Grief through Funerals and Memorial Services…

Price: $50.00 

 Meeting Needs Grieving College Students (July 2018) Webinar

Price: $50.00 

 Non-Death Loss and Grief: Supporting People with Living Loss…
Price: $50.00 

Older Adults & Disaster Related Grief (April 2018) Webinar

Older Adults and the Challenges of Disaster Related Grief and Mortality…

Price: $50.00 

 Person-Centered/Emotion-Focused Approach (Oct 2018) Webinar

A Person-Centered/Emotion-Focused Approach to Grief Counseling…

Price: $50.00 

 Sitting with Suffering: A paradigm shift (June 2018) Webinar

Sitting with Suffering: A paradigm shift…

Price: $50.00 

 Traumatic Grief After Violent Dying (Feb 2018) Webinar

Traumatic Grief After Violent Dying…

Price: $50.00 

 Working with Continuing Bonds (Mar 2019) Webinar

Working with Continuing Bonds in Grief Therapy and Counseling…

Price: $50.00 


2017 Recorded Webinars

  • July: Light on the Dark Side of the Street
  • June: Loss in the Lives of LGBTQ+ People
  • May: Practical Strategies for Helping Grieving Clients Cope
  • April: Continued Bond/Attachment Theories for Perinatal Loss Intervention
  • March: “Well, Ain’t This a Fine Howdy-do!” Helping Care-givers
  • February: Living with Life-Threatening Illness
  • January: Responding To Community Crisis

2016 Recorded Webinars

  • December: Meaning-Centered Grief Therapy…
  • November: Changing the Face of Bereavement…
  • October: Revisiting Loss and Restoration
  • September: Attachment Informed Grief Therapy…
  • August: Secrets in Grief Counseling and End-of-Life Care
  • July: Keeping Up in Grief: A Vital Component in Self Care
  • June: Loss Upon Loss: Caregivers, Dying Persons and the End of Life
  • May: The Top 10 Mistakes Made in Treating the Bereaved
  • April: Helping Children Grieve
  • March: Using Therapeutic Groups in Working With the Bereaved
  • February: Treating Grief As a Mental Disorder
  • January: Sustaining Capacity of Compassion…

2016 Conference Recordings

  • Addressing the Needs of Families – Planning a Family Grief Camp
  • Ambiguous Loss, Nonfinite Loss, and Disenfranchised Grief: Connections and Implications for Clinicians
  • An Attachment Informed Approach to Grief and Grief Therapy
  • The Impact of our Fear of and Fascination with Death on our Children
  • Coloring Your Grief
  • Research that Matters: Social Media and Bereavement
  • Trust-Building Among African-Americans in End of Life Care
  • The Two-Track Model of Bereavement: A Contemporary Look at Theory, Research and Practice
  • Deconstructing the Case for Complicated Grief
  • Our Work, Our Selves
  • Mindfulness & Grief: Coping Skills for Life After Loss
  • How to Start and Facilitate a Bereavement Support Group
  • Compassion for Ourselves: Rejuvenate Mind, Body, and Spirit
  • Is Evidence-Based Practice Appropriate for Grief Counseling

2015 Recorded Webinars

  • December: Early Attachment Experience
  • November: Lunch with a Luminary: J. William Worden
  • October: Using Digital and Social Media in Your Work
  • August: Grief and Cognition…
  • July: Being There: Virtual Presence at the End of Life
  • June: Will You Be My ‘Friend’?…
  • March: The ABCs of Bringing Bereavement Camps To Your Community
  • January: Understanding Sibling Loss: What Every Counselor Needs…

2014 Recorded Webinars

  • December: Spirituality Unplugged: Assessing and Empowering Clients’…
  • July: Suicide Risk Assessment When Bereavement…
  • April: Secrets at the End of Life
  • January: Caring for Self While Caring for Others: Managing Stress…

2014 Recorded Conference Sessions

  • Let’s Stop “Staging” Dying and Bereaved Persons
  • Parental Experiences and Decisions Regarding Fetal Anomalies
  • Helping Bereaved Clients Identify, Develop and Utilize Resources
  • Beyond Gender: Understanding the Ways Men and Women Grieve
  • Motherless Daughters: A Twenty-Year Retrospective
  • Finding Resilience: Thinking Small in the Big Badness
  • The Role of Medication in Grief Therapy: Two Case Studies
  • Working with Grieving Teenagers

2015 Recorded Conference Sessions

  • A Mother’s Tears: From Grief to Activism
  • An Analysis of Research on Childhood and Adolescent Grief
  • Best Practices in Suicide Bereavement: A New National Report
  • Child-griever to First Lady: The Griefs of Lady Bird Johnson
  • Cultural Grief Factors and Access to Care: A Model of Community Support
  • Death, Dying and Bereavement: Multicultural Competence in Psychotherapy
  • Grief & Developmental Disabilities
  • How New Insights About the Brain Are Helping Us Understand Bereavement
  • Meaning-Centered Grief Therapy: Theory, Practice and Promise
  • Mindfulness and Grief: Techniques For Post-traumatic Growth
  • Old Meets New, East Meets West: The Fusion of Grief Experience and Ritualization Among Chinese
  • Teaching about Life and Living in Death and Dying Courses
  • The Boy Who Saved Thousands of Lives
  • The Internal Worlds of Grieving Families
  • We Don’t Know Death: 7 Assumptions We Make About Dying

Live Webinars

ADEC webinars are pre-approved for credit earned towards the CT or recertification.

  • Earn 1.5 continuing education credits for completing most webinars.
  • Member price: $35  • Nonmember price: $50
  • Add the recording to your purchase for an additional $20. Your registration fee includes one connection to the webinar, one set of materials and one evaluation for continuing education credits.
  • An unlimited number of people can listen in on the webinar with you and purchase additional continuing education credits for $25 each.

ADEC has been approved by NBCC as an Approved Continuing Education Provider, ACEP No. 6726. Programs that do not qualify for NBCC credit are clearly identified. ADEC is solely responsible for all aspects of the program. Submitted by Eileen Dahl.


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