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Oliver Lodge is a non-profit corporation that operates a long-term care home for 139 individuals who are no longer able to be cared for at home and require special care. It was founded by The United Church of Canada and is currently operated by a volunteer Board of Directors. It retains its close contact with The United Church of Canada through its local church partners. The facility completed an expansion and major renovation approximately eight years ago.

We have an opening for a Director of Spiritual Care to provide for the spiritual care needs of the residents of Oliver Lodge. While we are an Affiliate Special Care Home of the Saskatchewan Health Authority, Oliver Lodge’s values reflect a foundation of Christian faith. We strive to recognize and respect the spiritual, social and cultural beliefs of everyone living here and to facilitate the ministry of other denominations and religious groups as residents choose.

Position Title: Director of Spiritual Care

Summary Statement:

As an employee of Oliver Lodge, the Director of Spiritual Care is responsible for the spiritual and religious care of the residents at Oliver Lodge. The goal of the position is to continue to build a caring community and nurture fullness of life for all members.

Hours of Work:

Full time (37.5 hours/week)

Accountability and Support:

a) Reports to, and takes direction from, the Executive Director.
b) Meets with Department Heads, Board Committees and the Board of Directors.
c) Maintains the requirements of their ordination.

Duties & Responsibilities:

(Many of the following responsibilities do not occur weekly. Some are monthly, yearly or sporadically. For the purpose of allocating percentages we have assigned them a weekly value.)

I. Visitation 45%

a) Works with residents and families of residents in order that the residents might experience the fullest life possible given each resident’s limitations.
b) Advocates on behalf of the residents and their families.
c) Provides information on available spiritual and religious programs.
d) Provides palliative spiritual care and transition rituals & communicates with family and clergy.
e) Maintains on-going relationship with residents and families.
f) Provides support to residents and their families whenever difficult situations arise
g) Encourages the involvement of students and volunteers.

II. Religious Services 20%

a) Prepares and lead Sunday Interdenominational Worship
b) Celebrates United Church communion services once a month, and as needed, in resident rooms.
c) Conducts brief in-house memorial services.
d) Oversees upkeep of the chapel.
e) Co-ordinates mid-week services for The United Church and other denominations. The Director of Spiritual Care is assisted in these programs by volunteers & the Recreation department.
f) Coordinates and leads small group sessions.

III. Administration 15%

a) Maintains an accurate file of the residents
b) Chairs the Inter-Disciplinary Team Care Conferences
c) Attends regular Department Head meetings.
d) Attends Board of Directors meetings as requested.
e) Meets with the Resident/Spiritual Care Committee as requested.
f) Organizes and/or facilitates ethics conversations or consultations as required.
g) Annually reviews policies and goals relevant to Spiritual Care, programs, and pamphlets.

IV. Teaching Opportunities 15%

a) Provides generic orientation to staff on spiritual care
b) Supports staff in providing compassionate individual care and in seeing themselves as spiritual-care providers.
c) Provides in-services to staff, students, and volunteers in the area of Spiritual Care and other areas of expertise. Listens to staff concerns and provide referrals and support as needed.

V. Community Liaison 5%

a) Maintains ties with local United Church partners.
b) Represents Oliver Lodge to the community as appropriate in areas of spiritual care.
c) Communicates with various seminaries to involve theological students in the delivery of spiritual care.


a) Carries out other duties and responsibilities that may be assigned.

Required Education, Skills and Strengths:

a) Must be an ordained or diaconal minister of The United Church of Canada.
b) Must be able to work in multi-faith context.
c) Must be able to work in a multi-disciplinary team setting
d) Current Membership or Associate Membership in CASC. Two advanced units of CPE, or an equivalent combination of education and experience.
e) Respect and compassion for residents and families of residents of Oliver Lodge
f) Ability to work with staff, volunteers, and families
g) Facilitation skills
h) Organizational skills
i) Ability to be flexible and adaptable
j) Effective communication skills
k) Computer skills

To request more information or to apply in confidence, please contact or

The deadline for applications is Feb 18, 2019.

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