Certified Supervisor-Educators

A Certified Supervisor-Educator is a Certified Spiritual Care Practitioner or Certified Psycho-Spiritual Therapist who has demonstrated supervisory competence in the field of Supervised Pastoral Education (SPE) and is able to conduct SPE programs in keeping with the standards of CASC/ACSS. CASC/ACSS recognizes supervisors in the areas of Spiritual Care (CPE) and Psycho-Spiritual Therapy (PCE). Certified Supervisor-Educators demonstrate:

  • knowledge in theories and methodologies related to SPE supervision drawn from adult education, spiritual/religious understanding, the behavioural sciences, and professional and organizational ethics, as well as knowledge of group process and skills for group supervision.
  • an ability to design, implement and manage a program of SPE based on educational principles appropriate to experiential learning and that integrates the CASC/ACSS core competencies.
  • an ability to assess and relationally engage individual SPE students such that the student’s clinical learning, personal awareness, reflection on spiritual/religious theories, and professional competency is furthered and optimal integration can occur.