Certified Spiritual Care Practitioners

A Certified Spiritual Care Practitioner seeks to improve the quality of life for individuals and groups experiencing spiritual, moral and existential distress related to changes in health, maturation, ability and life circumstances.


Certified Spiritual Care Practitioners use a holistic, relational approach:

  • assess the nature and extent of the concerns;
  • collaboratively develop a plan of care;
  • provide therapeutic interventions to promote, maintain, and restore health and/or palliate illness and injury; and
  • evaluate the implementation of the plan of care to ensure its efficacy.


Intervention approach and application varies, and is:

  • informed by religion, spirituality and the social sciences (psychology, sociology, theology, anthropology), counselling and psychotherapeutic theories;
  • follows ethical standards; and
  • considers human diversity, and the range of human traditions.

Interventions can include, but are not limited to, psychotherapy.

Care is provided in a variety of institutional settings, including health care, military, corrections, education and other multi-faith, religious and secular communities.