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De la pleine conscience à la pleine confiance

Marcil, Ivan,  “De la pleine conscience à la pleine confiance” (“From Mindfulness to Confidence”.) (publication in French) Mediaspaul, Montreal, QC (2018)
The author explores mindfulness as informed by both eastern spirituality and by the Christian Gospel. He supports his clear and passionate discussion with illustration from his own experience and growth. Ivan is a spiritual care practitioner at l’Hôpital Pierre-Boucher in Longueuil, Québec and is a member of Professional Practice Commission representing Québec.

How to be an even better Listener

Mundle, R., (2018). How to Be an Even Better Listener: A Practical Guide for Hospice and Palliative Care Volunteers. London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

Outcomes for Professional Health Care Chaplaincy: An International Call to Action

Handzo, George F., Cobb, Mark, Holmes, Cheryl, Kelly, Ewan, Sinclair, Shane (2014). Outcomes for Professional Health Care Chaplaincy: An International Call to Action. Journal of Health Care Chaplaincy, 20, 43-53. doi: 10.1080/08854726.2014.902713  It’s open access so can be spread liberally. Available here.

Partnerships Between Hospitals and Community for Spiritual Care

Schmidt, Angela E. (2013) Partnerships Between Hospitals and Community for Spiritual Care. Lap Lambert Academic Publishing. Available as free download under thesis section, below.

When Religion and Sexuality Intersect: Reflections on Diversity from Canada, the U.S. and the U.K.

2013 When Religion and Sexuality Intersect: Reflections on Diversity from Canada, the U.S. and the U.K. Eds. Pamela Dickey Young, Heather Shipley and Tracy J. Trothen. British Columbia: UBC Press, forthcoming.

Shattering the Illusion: Child Sexual Abuse Policies and Canadian Religious Institutions

2012 Shattering the Illusion: Child Sexual Abuse Policies and Canadian Religious Institutions. Tracy J. Trothen.  ASPP (SHRCC) funded. Waterloo: Wilfrid Laurier Press, 212pp.

Book Chapters

2010 “A Philosophical and Conceptual Basis for What We Are Doing: Relational and Spiritual Bases for the Practicum in Clinical Pastoral Education” in The Practicum in Professional Education: Canadian Perspectives, Edwin Ralph, Keith Walker, & Randolph Wimmer, eds. Calgary, Canada: Temeron/Detselig Publisher, 105-122. Tracy J. Trothen.

Theses and Dissertations

Doctor of Ministry (DMin) Thesis

Theriault, Deborah, “Grace Filled Moments: Creative Arts and Pastoral Care with Patients Living with Dementia in the Hospital Setting” (2017). Atlantic School of Theology, Halifax, Nova Scotia, M.A. thesis.

Schmidt, Angela E., “Partnerships between Hospitals and Community: A Qualitative Study on Collaboration for Spiritual Care in Healthcare” (2013). Theses and Dissertations Comprehensive). Paper 1616.

Biggs, Dwight, “Comfort, Comfort my People”: A Qualitative Study Examining Dying Persons’ and Their Caregivers’ Experience of Spiritual Care as an aid to Having a Good Death in Grey and Bruce Counties, Ontario” (2014). Theses and Dissertations (Comprehensive). Paper 1647.

Faubert, Ellen, “How Might psychiatrists and Chaplains Collaborate in Delivering Spiritual Care to Persons with Mental Illness? – A Canadian Perspective“. (2014) University of Aberdeen, Scotland, UK, PhD. Thesis.
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Click here to read full thesis at University of Aberdeen Library. (Click on “Guest” login and then enter author’s name.)

Refereed Journal Articles

Kuepfer, Jane ; Schmidt, Angela ; O’Connor, Thomas St James ; James, Melanie (2022)

Promise, Provision, and Potential: A Hopeful Trajectory for Spiritual Care in Long-Term Care
The journal of pastoral care & counseling, 2022-04-04, p.15423050221090870-15423050221090870; United States
span lang=”en-US”> This Canadian study aimed to better understand the provision of spiritual care in long-term care homes, its purpose/importance, the role of a spiritual care provider (SCP…

Kuepfer, Jane ; Schmidt, Angela ; O’Connor, Thomas St. James ; James, Melanie (2022)

Spiritual Care in Ontario Long-Term Care: Current Staffing Realities and Recommendations
The journal of pastoral care & counseling, 2022-03, Vol.76 (1), p.29-36; London, England: SAGE Publications
 How are spiritual needs addressed in long-term care? This quantitative study explored the level of spiritual care offered and qualifications of spiritual care providers in 177 LTC homes in Ontario. Data showed 49…


Clark Patrick Heard, Jared Scott, Stephen Yeo. (2022) Ecospirituality in Forensic Mental Health: A Preliminary Outcome
Study, The Open Journal of Occupational Therapy, Volume 10, Issue 1, Winter 2022, Article 7.

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Abstract: In this study, the personal experience of spirituality in nature (the concept of ecospirituality) was supported by occupational therapy and spiritual care staff enabling a community-based group for persons affiliated with a forensic mental health system in Ontario, Canada. Spirituality is a key, though debated, tenet in occupational therapy practice. At the same time, immersive participation in nature has been linked to positive health outcomes.

Amanda L. Rose des Ordons, Henry T. Stelfox, Tasnim Sinuff, Kathleen Grindrod-Millar & Shane Sinclair (2022). Exploring Spiritual Health Practitioners’ roles and activities in critical care contexts, Journal of Health Care Chaplaincy, 28,1, 41-62. Click here to read Journal article.

Hong, Kiersty. (2019).  The Hospital is a Paradoxical Place. Journal of Pastoral Care & Counseling, vol. 73, 4: pp. 255-256. , First Published December 12, 2019.

Behman, P. et. al. (2018). Short-term autonomic nervous system and experiential responses during a labyrinth walk. Cogent Psychology, 5: 1495036

Mundle, R. (in-press). Learning from experiences of feeling heard: A qualitative study of hospice volunteers. Illness, Crisis and Loss.

Lucas, S. (2017). Assessing transcendent experiences vs mental illnesses. Journal of Pastoral Care and Counseling, vol 71, 4, 267-263.

Butlin, Helen, (2016) Practice CALM: Coaching Anxiety Lessening Methods for Radiation Therapists: A Pilot Study of a Skills-Based Training Program in Radiation Oncology. Published online: January 14, 2016. Helen Butlin, Katherine L. Salter, Amanda Williams, Carla Garcia. Journal of Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences.

Mundle, R. (2015). A narrative analysis of spiritual distress in geriatric physical rehabilitation. (Special issue on narrative.) Journal of Health Psychology, 20(3), 273-285.

Mundle, R. (2015). “I should be closer to God because of this”: A case study of embodied narratives and spiritual reconstruction in spinal cord injury and stroke rehabilitation. Journal of Disability and Religion, 19, 30-49.

Yeo, Steve, et,al. (2015) Walking the Labyrinth: Considering Mental Health Consumer Experience, Meaning Making, and the Illumination of the Sacred in a Forensic Mental Health Setting. Journal of Pastoral Care adn Counseling, Vol 69, 4, 240-250.

Mundle, R. (2014). “Strong men don’t cry, but I’m not strong anymore”: A case study of bodily engagement with stories of loss and grief in palliative care. Illness, Crisis & Loss, 22(4), 285-292.

Mundle, R. & Smith, B. (2013). Hospital chaplains and embodied listening: Engaging with stories and the body in healthcare environments. Illness, Crisis & Loss, 21(2), 95-108.

Mundle, R. (2011). The spiritual strength story in end-of-life care: Two case studies. Palliative and Supportive Care, 9, 419-424.