Recommended Reading

Spiritual Care Practitioner and Psycho-Spiritual Therapist Reading List

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1. Ministry and Spiritual Care
2. Psycho-Spiritual Therapy
3. Development of the Pastoral Care & Counselling Movement
4. Pastoral Theological Integration
5. Pastoral/Spiritual Formation
6. Pastoral Ethics and Self-Care
7. Psychiatry/Psychotherapy
7.1. General
7.2. Stories/Casebooks
7.3. Specific Diagnoses/Treatment
7.4. Key Theorists and Comparative Studies
7.5. Psychopharmacology
8. Psychology of Religion
9. Womenist/Feminist Materials
10. Masculinist Materials
11. Marriage and Family Formation and Therapy
12. Death and Dying/Palliative Care
13. Supervision/Education
14. Research
15. Crosscultural/World Religions
16. Practice
17. Group Therapy
18. Developmental Challenges
19. Journals
20. Suggested Reading for Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) Students
21. Suggested Reading for Pastoral Counseling Education (PCE) Students

1. Ministry and Spiritual Care

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2. Psycho-Spiritual Therapy

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3. Development of the Pastoral Care & Counselling Movement

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4. Pastoral Theological Integration

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5. Pastoral/Spiritual Formation

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6.  Pastoral Ethics and Self-Care

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7. Psychiatry/Psychotherapy

7.1 General

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7.3 Specific Diagnoses/Treatment

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