CASC/ACSS Former President Receives Honorary Doctorate

Brian Walton, current CASC/ACSS Treasurer (former President and Secretary) recently received his Honourary Doctorate from St. Andrew’s College in Saskatoon. Brian is well deserving of such an honour. He served The United Church of Canada in a pastoral ministry for close to 30 years, for some years as The United Church Chaplain at Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon and adjunct professor at St. Andrew’s College. Prior to his official retirement, he served as Spiritual Care Educator at St. Paul’s Hospital in Saskatoon.



In the parish he was recognized as one of the most gifted preachers in The United Church as well as a wonderful pastoral minister. In his responsibility as Spiritual Care Educator at St. Paul’s Hospital for at least 10 years he ran Clinical Pastoral Education units, both summer intensives and winter extended. Many dozens of students have benefited from his gifts as an exceptionally fine educator.



In retirement, Brian has gone back to his first love- being a pastoral minister.  He has picked up where he left off, continuing to be a stellar preacher and worship leader.





For close to 35, years Brian has been a Member of CASC, and as his friends and colleagues we congratulate him for his achievements and the honourary doctorate he was recently awarded. Way to go, Dr. Walton.  (From long-time colleague and friend, Tom Powell.)





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