Our Structure

CASC/ACSS is a Member-driven organization with representation across Canada. Our organizational structure is volunteer-based and supports the needs of Members and their work with the communities served.

Board of Directors

The CASC/ACSS Board of Directors comprises seven Directors, including the President, plus ex-officio National Office staff:

  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Three Commission Chairs

Meet the CASC/ACSS Board of Directors.


Three Commissions are core to the structure and functioning of CASC/ACSS. Each Commission is represented on the Board by the respective Chair.

Educational Standards Commission (ESC)
Regional Admitting Chairs—representing each Region, Academic Assessment Chair, Accreditation Chair, Certification Chair, Secretary, Vice/Past Chair, ESC Chair

Professional Practice Commission (PPC)
Regional representatives— representing each Region, Peer Review Coordinator, Pastoral Counseling Representative, Research Committee Chair, Secretary, Vice/Past Chair, PPC Chair

National Ethics Commission (NEC)
Regional Ethics Chairs representing each Region, Vice/Past Chair, NEC Chair


With nine Regions across Canada, Members benefit from a network and structure which supports localized nuances. Each Region elects a representative to each Commission.

Learn more about our Regions.


 CASC-org-chart-June 2018

View a video of CASC/ACSS Structure.