Materials for Spiritual and Religious Care Awareness Week October 15-21, 2018

CASC/ACSS has received the following from the Canadian Multifaith Federation for the upcoming Spiritual and Religious Care Awareness Week (SRCAW) – Oct 15-21, 2018.

Visit the CMF web site for SRCAW materials

Poster, English (11″ X 17″ in Color, single-sided):

Printed poster /$7 each, plus shipping;
Shipping information:
Posters are machine folded  to minimize postage. If you like to receive poster without folds inquire the shipping cost please .

Shipping rates within Ontario

  • $5.00 for 1-10 Posters (if you need more, ask the shipping cost)

Spiritual & Religious Care Volunteer Recognition Certificates

Printed Certificate /$3 each, plus shipping.
These are officially signed certificates  [The names of the institution/unit and volunteers are to be filled by the institution, in the blank spaces]

Shipping  rates  within Ontario

  • $5.00 for 1-10 certificates (if you need more, ask the shipping cost)

One poster and one certificate as a combo. Each packaged unit is at $8.50.

Shipping  rates   within Ontario

  • $8.00  for 1-10 units (if you need more, ask the shipping cost)

In addition, an official Letter of Appreciation for institutions is also available (with purchase of a poster or a certificate, for no extra charge). If you wish to receive this Letter, required is the name of the person, his/her title, and mailing address for shipping. Exception: If your institution is proclaiming SRCAW, you can simply send a request, no purchase necessary.

Best regards,

Dr. Mohamed Taher

Information Coordinator

Canadian Multifaith Federation

(formerly Ontario Multifaith Council)

3570 Victoria Park Avenue, Suite # 207
North York, Ontario, M2H 3S2

Tel:  (416) 422-1490

Fax: (416) 422-4359

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