Alberta Region Contacts

Chair: Blaine Allan



Past Chair: Darlene Pranke




Secretary: Tracey Stagg

Treasurer: Trevor Ellerby

Nominations Chair: Vera Atkinson


Other Representatives on the Executive

Psycho-Spiritual Therapist Rep: Mark Lobitz


Lee at U of A reduced

SPE Student Rep: Lee Andrus





SPE Spiritual Care Supervisor-Educator Rep: Kathy Spate

Representatives On National Committees

Chair of Regional Admitting Committee: Nancy Cowtun




Chair of Regional Professional Practice: Jaeun Macen
403-944-4941 | SCS office: 403-944-1410 | Pager: 00272



Regional Ethics Chair: Jane Christensen

(780) 722-5927




Foundation Regional Contact: Angela King





College Development: Nicole Imgrund