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So Hey there!


Want to do something good and fun for yourself and help out the CASC foundation at the same time?


How about joining our Have Fun Getting Fit with others group. Here you can join in the fun of setting a personal fitness goal in a group atmosphere (and/or on-line). You make a commitment to yourself and others from CASC to make a small change in your life that will help you become healthier.   In return, you get support from other CASC members from across the country. Here’s another BONUS: we all raise funds for the foundation to help out our SPE students and our researchers.


We know what you’re thinking: “What a great idea! How do I get involved?” Well, here’s how:

Set a goal (or two)….It could be something like….

·        I want to walk 3-5 days a week for 30-40 minutes     Walking

I want to learn to walk/run a 5k and join the foundation fun run.Running

I want to do a stair climbing challenge.Mountain



I want to commit to doing outdoor activities one day a week (snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, etc.) once a week with family members and/or friends.



Whatever your goal is:

1.      Sign up to our group by e-mailing our webmaster at:

The web master will post your goals on this page and any comments, encouragement or stories you have for your fellow participants.

2.      Then name your goal (s)

3.      Get two jars and keep them at work or home (One labeled “Yeah Me”, One label “Yeah Foundation)

4.      Then keep a weekly record of how well you are doing.

5.      Every week agree to put in 2-5 dollars into a “Yeah Mel” jar every time you meet your weekly goal. J  And…. Place 2-5 dollars into your “Yeah Foundation!” jar to celebrate your achievement J …..If you miss your weekly goal, place double amount into foundation jar and none in your own L. (Don’t worry. We all miss our goal some weeks. Blame it on your partner, the kids, work…then take a breath and pat yourself on the back knowing that next week is a new week and this week… well at least you helped out a good cause).

6.      Bring money from both Jars to the conference. At the conference, treat yourself with your “Yeah me!” money (maybe by going out with friends, buying something just for you, or taking in a movie and dinner!) and donate your “Yeah Foundation!” money at the Run/Walk/Roll registration. (I know. It sucks that we all can’t get to the conference. Not to worry. If you can’t go, send a cheque to the foundation with your “Yeah Foundation” money but make sure you use your “yeah me” money to treat yourself!)


Exciting Right! Sounds Fun! Well, stay tuned!

We will have more information shortly. The Fun Run/walk/roll page (The tab just above this one) will have some information for you to help you achieve your goal. What we really want is for you to have fun with this. There is no pressure. This is great way to support the Foundation but it’s also a great way to connect with other CASC members across the country and to have some fun doing activity during the long winter months. The goal or goals you set are your goals. No one’s watching (unless you want them to.) But everyone will help cheer one another on. Let’s face it…We all rock!

Kim Bustard- Foundation Rep from Atlantic Canada


Participants in Group

Kim Bustard- PEI

My Goals: One of my goals this week is get 10,000 steps or more a day for at least 6 days. (got plan for the day or night when I totally give in to the couch).

Goals update:

Narrowly met my goal of 10, 000 steps for 6 out 7 days.  (had to get on the treadmill for 10 minutes at 11:45 pm on Saturday).  Going to keep these goals going for this week and add a bit.  Going to start an upper body strength training routine and try to add it to my walking at least two days a week  (It will make my physiotherapist happy).
Update Feb 23, 2017

So…. last week….umm.  Well, I was storm-stayed at work from Monday morning until Tuesday evening.  Was just recovering at work Wednesday and went home after work to get some sleep when I heard another NorEaster was coming. Got up and went to work at 5am on Thursday before the snow hit and stayed late.  I know! I know!  Poor Kim….boo hoo.  But got to blame my failure to get 10,000 steps in all 6 days.  In the end, I only got them in 5 days.   So….Foundation gets more money last week!  (Good for them)
So…I doubled down this week and am on track to get my 10,000 steps per day for 6 day in (Sunday is a day of rest and perhaps wine) and been doing some upper body strength training.  Days are getting longer and I’m getting out in the early mornings!


Tim Frymire- Winnipeg

My Goal:To keep up with the wiley and youthful Kim Bustard.

As you can see, its never too early to start training in Winnipeg. Record snow fall in Dec has given us Manitobans a good base of powder to slip and slide our way to fitness.

Jan 22-Went walking with the dogs on the Red River today in above freezing temperatures. – Melting everywhere- got a boot full of icy water; Felt like 6 years old again.  Dogs just laughed at me.

Jan 29- went skating with 7 year old.  Felt like one lung voted to Brexit- and leave the union. Having second and 3rd thoughts about this crazy “fitness ” concept.

Feb 8: Temperature was -35 with a wind chill, which explained my numb brain after running with dog on river.  Almost developed frost bite on  my two titanium hip joints.  Perhaps I should drink more rum (which is strictly medicinal – a type of anti-freeze if you will) before running to prevent joints from ceasing up?

Feb 11th:  Joined local climbing gym and went ice climbing on outdoor 60 foot ice tower.  Huge work out for upper body.

Feb 21st:  Climbed 800 foot hill in Kamloops while visiting my dad.  Not used to this as Winnipeg has ZERO hills. Legs getting stronger, though lungs are as flexible as 60 year old toast.  Note to self:  Stop aging! It sucks.

March 22nd: Dog and I are getting fatter not skinnier. Can’t go on river as ice won’t hold my weight anymore. Note to Self: Buy fatter dog so I look better when walking him.

April 1:  In the morning I walked on water, ran a 4 minute mile and cured world hunger.  Then had lunch and a nap.  Pumped about the Fun Run.

April 4:  Turns out April 1st was a hoax.  I will go to confession soon.


Donna Mann- Waterloo

My goal: Curves workout 3 x per week,  Stationary Bike 6 x per week (15 min), Walk 2 x per week (30 min)

Florence Juma- Waterloo

UPDATE:  Unfortunately side lined due to injury:
I’ll attempt to walk 3-5 days a week for 30 minutes beginning this week to join others in the Foundation.  Thanks,  Florence
Don Misener- Kingston

My goal: Since I work out 4-5 days a week my goal is not more fitness  but weight loss and my goal is one pound a week prior to the Conference in April.  Thanks Kim for the leadership and the challenge.  Don.

Jan Temple Jones- Regina

Here’s my challenge:  I swim twice a week with the Regina Masters Swim club (55 minutes each time) and generally swim 1600 to 1800 meters a time (depending on the work out made up by the coach).  I would like to increase each swim by a minimum of 100 meters per time (and hopefully more).  I would like, in the end to consistently swim 2000 meters (or 2 kilometers) per swim time but to begin with, would settle for an extra 100 per time, regardless of the total.